CMarZ Barcoding Association

This is the private workspace for the CMarZ Barcoding Association.

Latest News:

MarBoL Workshops in USA, Europe, Asia

2009, Feb. 5 - CoML Barcoding Synthesis Workshop, Long Beach, CA

2008, Oct. - CMarZ Synthesis meeting, Woods Hole, MA (notes on the establishment of this Association, temporarily here during staging of this website, for founders' reference)

About the Association

CMarZ and several other CoML field projects are actively engaged in DNA barcoding. Currently, there are active CMarZ barcoding centers in the USA, Japan, Germany, China, and India. A number of CoML laboratories are actively barcoding marine animals, including those represented in the holozooplankton.  New marine barcoding activities have been initiated with funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation through the recent project, DNA Barcoding of Marine Biodiversity (MarBOL, see

CMarZ Barcoding Association goals:

About this site

This website will serve as a clearinghouse (an informal channel for distributing information) for CMarZ specimen tracking, notices, protocols and tips on barcoding zooplankton, help on laboratory setup and a communication center for members.


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