CMarZ Policy on DNA Barcode Data

A primary goal of CMarZ is to determine barcodes (i.e., short DNA sequences for species recognition and discovery) for the ~8,000 species of holozooplankton.  Identified specimens should be provided by taxonomic experts to CMarZ laboratories that have been identified as barcoding centers. The CMarZ laboratory should ensure that all requirements are met for submission of the DNA sequence data to the Barcode section of GenBank, including: complete specimen information with collection information and georeferencing, voucher specimens (and voucher DNA), forward and reverse sequencing reads with trace files, and taxonomic authority/identification data.  

The barcoding laboratory should reach an agreement with the person providing the specimen regarding whether or not to have GenBank release the DNA sequence data immediately.  It is acceptable to submit the barcode data and obtain an Accession Number, but keep the data private. This choice is the expert's choice to make, assuming plans for prompt (within one or two years) publication.  Agreements should also be reached regarding authorship of the resultant papers.  The taxonomic expert(s) who provided the samples will typically be included as authors; the lead author should be identified prior to analysis of the barcode data. Prompt publication in the peer reviewed literature - not just submission of DNA sequence data - is an essential step in the barcode process.  

The specimen and DNA vouchers will not normally leave the barcoding center, and they are not intended for routine analysis.  Use of the voucher material can be discussed individually for special cases.

(Draft Version 1 -July 2006)

Please direct comments on these draft policies to Dr. Ann Bucklin, Univ. of Connecticut