Protocols & Guidelines

Sample Collection   How to collect and preserve zooplankton for optimal success in genetic analyses.

Shipping Samples   Samples preserved in ethanol are flammable and therefore require special procedures and limits for shipping and mailing

Policy on Use of Archived Samples   CMarZ samples may be examined by interested researchers and students with these guidelines.

Sample Requests   Form to request samples or specimens.

Zooplankton Collections Questionnaire   We are interested to learn of existing zooplankton collections and improve their availability to researchers. Do you have collections that you would like to make available to the CMarZ project? Please fill out and submit this form.

Policy on DNA Barcode Data    Requirements for submission of DNA sequences to GenBank; agreement between person providing specimens and the DNA lab on publishing data; use of voucher material.

CMarZ mtCOI Barcoding Protocol    Our procedure for extracting and sequencing the MtCOI gene.

Specimen Submission for Barcoding Guidelines    If you are sending zooplankton specimens to the CMarZ Barcoding lab, please include the metadata listed here.