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There are over 7000 identified species of holozooplankton in the world's oceans. A species page is a web page containing information particular to a single species. It can range in content from simple descriptions and pictures for the general public and students to very detailed taxonomic information most useful to specialists. Increasing numbers of on-line identification tools have become available. This area serves as a clearinghouse of known species pages. Taxonomic material is quite extensive in the world's libraries so this is not an exhaustive collection but will hopefully provide access to a useful selection of works. Links to zooplankton web sites provided for further exploration and information.

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You may search our database to retrieve information on a variety of zooplankton species. The CMarZ database includes dynamic summary presentations of taxonomic, morphological, ecological, biogeographical, and molecular information for selected zooplankton species. 

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CMarZ is currently collecting information from expert taxonomists and para-taxonomists for use in preparing Species Pages. If you are interested in this effort, please read about becoming a CMarZ Species Page Contributor and sign up now.