Join the CMarZ Networks

NOTE: We are not accepting new members to the CMarZ Networks at the current time.

The CMarZ Network is an association of zooplankton taxonomists, ecologists, oceanographers, and others who are committed to working toward the goal of completing a global biodiversity of holozooplankton by 2010. Researchers, students, technical staff, and interested others are welcome.  View list of current members.

Some of these experts are willing to check a small number of specimens for your identification.  They are all very busy and will not be able to identify large amounts of samples.  They will need evidence that you have attempted to identify the animal yourself:  for example, drawings and text describing your findings.

               Photo: M. Allison

I. As a CMarZ Network member, you may:

•   request access to zooplankton samples from other CMarZ Network members;
•   participate in CMarZ cruises and cooperating projects (by prior approval);
•   request recommendations for and assistance from CMarZ expert taxonomists;
•   request DNA barcoding of identified specimens from CMarZ laboratories; and
•   receive email updates on CMarZ meetings, activities, and opportunities.

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Photo: L. Madin

     As a CMarZ Network member, you will be encouraged to:

•  provide information to CMarZ on cruise and collection opportunities in your region;
•  collect zooplankton samples in your region;
•  preserve samples following the CMarZ protocols;
•  assist with or arrange for taxonomic analysis of samples collected;
•  archive the samples;
•  create voucher specimens for identified species;
•  generate DNA barcodes or provide specimens for DNA barcoding; and
•  submit all data from sample collection and analysis to the CMarZ database.

Photo: P. Wiebe

II.  We are especially seeking the participants for the CMarZ Taxonomic Network, including taxonomic experts for any holozooplankton group(s). As a CMarZ expert taxonomist, you will be encouraged to:

•  confirm identification of species in your taxonomic and geographic area of expertise;
•  collaborate on global surveys of selected groups or species of zooplankton;
•  prepare inventories of species for selected regions or groups;
•  prepare a bibliography for selected regions or groups; and
•  request funding from CMarZ for specific projects.

III.  Another opportunity for Zooplankton Taxonomists is to become a Species Page Contributor.  In this capacity, you will provide information for the creation of Species Pages in your area of expertise.  If you are interested in becoming a Species Page Contributor, please fill out the form below.