Steering Group Meeting, Orlando, Florida. 9-10 March 2008


Ann Bucklin: updates from SG members who couldn't attend meeting

Ann Bucklin: Barcoding on the Polarstern, Nov. 2007

Larry Madin: Inner-Space Speciation Project, Celebes Sea cruise, Oct. 2007

Vijaya Nair: Activities of CMarZ-India during 2007

Shuhei Nishida: Activities of CMarZ-Asia during 2007

Annelies Pierrot-Bults: Chaetognaths from Mar-Eco and Polarstern cruises, 2007

Dicky Allision/ Nancy Copley: Making Results Public - Data Management, Mapping and Visualization, progress & plans

Nancy Copley: Updated website, species pages, Education and Outreach

   Also, from the All-Program Meeting in Auckland, Nov. 2007:

Pat Halpin: CoML Mapping and Visualization I

Pat Halpin: CoML Mapping and Visualization II

CoML Outreach and Education: Communication Strategies & Priorities