CMarZ - USA Project Manager 

Dr. Robert Jennings

Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Connecticut - Avery Point

The University of Connecticut's Department of Marine Sciences has appointed Dr. Robert Jennings as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager for the Census of Marine Zooplankton (CMarZ). Rob's research will focus on molecular systematics of marine zooplankton, including molecular species identification, phylogeography, and phylogeny. Rob brings broad experience and expertise in molecular genetic techniques, data analysis, and modeling. Rob received a B.S. in oceanography from the University of Michigan in 1998. In 2005, Rob received a Ph.D. from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/Massachusetts Institution of Technology Joint Program, working with Ken Halanych (now at Auburn University), Lauren Mullineaux, and Tim Shank.

Rob's doctoral research included investigation of the phylogenetic potential of complete mitochondrial genomes for resolving polychaete relationships; phylogeography of the polychaete Clymenella torquata in the Northwest Atlantic ; and theoretical population genetic modeling of dispersal patterns of marine invertebrates with differing life histories. For CMarZ, Rob will continue his phylogeographic and phylogenetic interests - albeit in the holozooplankton - as well as DNA sequencing of CMarZ specimens for the DNA barcoding effort. Rob's postdoctoral advisor is Ann Bucklin, Professor and Head of Marine Sciences at UConn - Avery Point.  Please join us in welcoming Rob to the CMarZ leadership team!