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Salpa aspera (Chamisso, 1819)





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  Kingdom Animalia --
   Phylum Chordata --
  Subphylum Urochordata --
  Class Thaliacea --
  Subclass --
  Infraclass --
  Superorder --
  Order Salpida
  Family Salpidae
  Genus Salpa
  Species aspera

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Distinguishing features:

Solitary zooids: Test ridges longitudinaland serrated; bearing stronger echinae on the posterior half. MI to MIIIfused or contiguous in the mid-dorsal region; MVIII and MIX converging but not contiguous in the mid-dorsal region. Aggregate zooids: Both anterior and posterior projections echinate; posterior projection with a cut off or bifid appearance. MI to MIV strongly fused in the mid-dorsalregion; MIV and MV converging but not fused laterally.


Prosome length:

Total length:
Solitary zooid; 15 mm (Madin and Kremer, 1998) - 95 mm (G. Esnal and M. Daponte, 2005)
Agregate; 10 mm (Madin and Kremer, 1998) - 30 mm (Madin and Kremer, 1998)


Widespread in all three oceans from boreal to tropical latitudes, 40 N to 40 S, following approximately the 15 C isotherm, but excluding the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Depth distribution: surface to 800m



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