CMarZ gallery: Life at Sea, April 10-20, 2006

Here are some photos of the people and sights on the Ron Brown during our cruise.


Heading out for a night dive to collect gelatinous zooplankton.
NJ Copley, WHOI
Divers head out for a daytime collecting session.
MD Allison, WHOI
The DNA sequencer on the Ron Brown chugging away at station #4 (23 April 2006 - Photo by PHW).
PH Wiebe, WHOI
Francesc, Erich, and Larry examines the night dive's catch.
NJ Copley, WHOI
Mikiko watching Francesc and Dhugal (LtoR) picking live animals from a 1m MOCNESS sample taken at station #4 (23 April 2006).
PH Wiebe, WHOI
Hauling in the 10m MOCNESS nets after deep tow to 4500 m at station #4 - Barbara Costa, Martin Angel, Tracey Sutton, Leo Bercial, Ebru Unal LtoR in front (23 April 2006).
PH Wiebe, WHOI
Hui examining forams.
NJ Copley, WHOI
Jonathan_bringing_up_ring net_sm2.jpg
Jonathon brings up a ring net.
NJ Copley, WHOI

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